I’ve used my Emacs+SBCL installation to process the  Reports from SIMS.net into Student and Teacher user names and profiles for the Moodle installation, plus creating the Courses and assigning both students and teachers to the correct courses. The process involved just shy of 7000 records so I was very happy that everything went so swimmingly. It took roughly a morning to do, most of which was spent massaging the csv files to have exactly the correct formats.

As a sideline I was also able to process the SIMS data to produce class-lists for all of the Maths Sets so that they could be uploaded to MyMaths, which took a grand total of about 2 hours. The main stumbling block being that I had the output file for the script set up as :if-exists :append instead of :if-exists :supersede which meant that no matter how I altered the script to correct it, all I could see was the incorrect initial lines. If I’d noticed earlier, it would have taken me approximately 30 minutes to do all in. Typical.