The Holy Family site is now ready to be deployed, as I have not previously deployed a Django site, it seems appropriate to do a dry run first, so I shall document the steps necessary to install it on my windows laptop here. We already have a working Apache and PHP combination on both so we will start by installing Python, then mod_wsgi, and proceed to the django install.

1. Python, the latest version for which a windows binary of mod_wsgi exists is 2.6, so download 2.6.2 and install it to C:\Python26.

2. Copy the file to the C:\Apache2\modules\ folder and rename it to

3. Add the line LoadModule wsgi_module modules/ to the httpd.conf.

4. Get a reasonably up to date version of django trunk (use svn and then copy to the machine).

5. Copy the django folder from this install into the C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages folder and add the bin folder therein to the system PATH.

6. Test the installation by starting python, calling import django and then django.VERSION

7. Configure Apache to use the mod_wsgi module as in the “How to use django with Apache and mod_wsgi” section of the django documentation.

8. Copy the HolyFamily files to C:\djangoisms and point the mod_wsgi setting at the django.wsgi file there.

9. Copy the media files across.

10. Make sure the admin media alias in httpd.conf points to the right place.

11. Change the django.wsgi file in HolyFamily to point to the correct places. Suddenly discover that the mysql backend for windows does not support python 2.6 and have to start all over again from scratch with 2.5.

Joy of joys!!!