Attempt number two.

1. Install Python 2.5.4 into C:\Python25.

2. Copy to the right folder (make sure you get the py2.5 version).

3. Add the line to the httpd.conf file (found in C:\Apache2\conf).

4. Copy the django folder from the svn downloaded copy into C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages make sure that both the Python folder (C:\Python25) the bin folder of the django folder you’ve just added are on the system path.

5. Test the installation as before (now proceed as previously).

6. Configure Apache to use the mod_wsgi module as in the “How to use django with Apache and mod_wsgi” section of the django documentation.

7. Copy the HolyFamily files to C:\djangoisms and point the mod_wsgi setting at the django.wsgi file there.

8. Copy the media files across into C:\Apache2\htdocs\.

9. Make sure the admin media alias in httpd.conf points to the right place (I need to double check this step).

10. Change the django.wsgi file in HolyFamily to point to the correct places.

11. Install the file MySQL-python-1.2.2.win32-py2.5.exe (the backend linking Python to our already installed MySQL database).

12. Create the Django Database and User for the installation.

13. Run the sql file which you have dumped from the development database to create the tables and entries.

14. Make sure points to the correct paths.

15. Install tagging.

16. We also need to add to the httpd.conf file the following to allow Apache to serve scripts from the folder which contains django.wsgi (this is the same folder which holds the site).

<Directory "C:/Path/To/Parent/Folder/Of/django.wsgi>
Order deny,allow
Allow from all

17. Enjoy!